Wood Grains

Here is a collection of different wood grains that can be used as veneer for the wrapping process. Mixing these different grains can create very interesting textures and layers. 

Veneer and Laminating

Veneering is the process of gluing decorative, fine, thin pieces/sheets of wood onto a base material usually a solid piece of wood, particle board, or MDF. Hardwoods are usually used as veneer as they have a very high-quality and expensive look to them.

Laminating is the process of contructing a structure in multiple layers. Thin layers of a material are glued on top of each other to create a solid piece. Layers of wood ply or veneer are glued onto a former or mould where the layers will take its shape when dry. Complex shapes and forms can be made by using this process.

The components of this chair are made by laminating plies of wood together then they are topped of with wood veneers for surface protection and aesthetics purposes

Richard Deacon

Sculptor - works with wood - manipulates wood by laminating and steaming - able to create complex structures

The Klompen

In my knowledge, the Klompen is the only shoe that's made out of wood. It is a traditional Dutch shoe. Some Dutch people still wear them for daily use.  (Image copyright http://www.ouderwetsewinkel.nl)


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